NovuPak - Europæiske samarbejdsløsninger


Through our combined expertise in manufacturing, product development, logistics and sourcing, we work together to provide businesses with the optimum packaging products, services and solutions that can be delivered consistently throughout Europe.

"With years of protective packaging experience across a broad spectrum of industries, NovuPak is ideally placed to advise you on how to reduce costs and improve efficiencies across your operations in Europe. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help your business", says Jorgen Lindqvist, CEO Boxon Pak AB.

NovuPak focuses on companies that operate in multiple countries in Europe, who need to reduce their total cost of packaging and who are open for new opportunities and possibilities. With the many services NovuPak offer, we are able to provide optimum solutions for the customer, meanwhile giving local benefits from a global perspective.

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